What Is Discord? Get To Know All Info About Discord App

Introduction to the Discord App

Discord is a free chatting app like other chatting apps for Android and iOS. It is a part of the social media channel and is freely available in the Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Store. It has some unique features compared to other social media apps. You can use the app without signing up anywhere. You can send messages to anyone because it allows for chatting with strangers. It also has all the services like other chatting apps, like audio, video, and text chat services. Tens of millions of people are using Discord all over the world to communicate with each other.

Many groups of people enjoy using the Discord app because it works as a social hub for them, their communities, and their friends’ circles. It serves as a social media channel where they can be themselves virtually while they are spending time in a unique living environment. They share their personal interests and their enjoyable hobbies with each other on Discord. There is no algorithm or bot to track your interests and decide what you should see. There is limited page scrolling and no news feed in between paragraphs and in the sidebar like Facebook. mostly General interests Used on Discord.

On the Discord app, the maximum servers are private. The Discord app follows an invitation system. People invite others, groups of friends and communities, to talk with them and stay in touch. They spend time together virtually. There are larger open communities available on Discord for specific topics such as specific games, health, development, coding, and AI. People use Discord as a community for a specific discussion or problem. There is no place for uninvited people or unrelated people because all are invited by the existing members of the group or community.

What are the features of discord?

There are multiple features and advantages of the Discord app. We have mentioned below some useful features for discord users. Read more here:

Video Backgrounds on discord: 

Video backgrounds are the option to use virtually as backgrounds on discord that you can apply while on your personal video stream when you turn on your camera for calls. We can apply backgrounds for video calls both in servers and DMs. There are a few video backgrounds readily available for all users. One is Background Blur, and another is Discord Preset Backgrounds.

Find Your Friends on discord:

It’s all about making new friends in Discord. Connecting with your Discord friends has just gotten a lot easier! Find Your Friends is a new feature that allows you to find friends on Discord by using your phone contacts!

Mobile Screenshare:

You can now share your screen from your mobile device! You can now share your screen directly from your phone whenever you’re in voice, whether in a DM, GDM, or server voice channel!

Slash Commands:

Slash Commands are a new and exciting way to build and interact with Discord bots. All you have to do with Slash Commands is type / and you’re ready to use your favorite bot. All of a bot’s commands are easily visible, and validation and error handling help you get the command right the first time.

Right now, not every bot may use Slash Commands. They’re brand new, and it will take some time for developers to use them. So, be patient while also getting excited!

Keyboard navigation:

Discord now has full keyboard navigation across the entire desktop app, so you can do what you need to in how works for you, whether you rely on your keyboard to use your desktop or you just don’t feel like reaching for your mouse.

Video and Screenshare Updates – Multistream and More!:

Discord has received some significant upgrades, allowing you to watch all of your friends’ streams in one view and quickly switch between all of your voice and video options right within the call! You can now watch multiple streams at the same time thanks to multi-stream!

When you’re in a server or DM call with multiple friends streaming, press the eyeball icon on the specific friend’s stream and select “Start watching multiple streams“!

Tab To Android on:

The Discord app has a unique feature for Android users. There is a tab option. A new, simplified user interface that makes the app easier to use.

Video calls on discord:

Video calls are a simple way to stay connected – all from within your DMs (Direct Messages) or server voice channels where you would normally hang out.

You’ll be able to jump right into a voice channel or DM and begin chatting over video.

You could do the following while on a video chat:

  • Video chat only
  • Screen share only
  • Video chat and screen share or 
  • Do neither and just talk on the phone and watch other people’s videos!

Reduced Motion Settings:

Discord creates the illusion of depth by utilizing motion effects. We recognize, however, that these effects can cause issues for users who are affected by excessive motion and movement within apps. As a result, Discord has added Reduced Motion to assist!

Go Live and Screen Share on discord:

In a server or voice call, you can screen share any application window or your entire screen with Go Live and Screen Share!

Custom Statuses

On Discord, you can personalize your own status to let others know what you’re up to!

Channel following on discord

Using some of the same technology that powers Webhooks, you can now have automated post announcements from your favorite servers delivered directly to your server in a channel of your choice via Channel Following!

Server Discovery

You can easily find new communities with Server Discovery! on Discord

Discord’s spellchecker

Discord has a spell checker to correct your spelling or language mistakes after setting up.


You can listen to songs on Discord with the Spotify client. 

Game Invites and Detailed Status

Discord users enjoy staying up to date on what their friends are up to. It’s fun to see which games appear in everyone’s status. That is why we are excited to go beyond JUST what someone is playing to give you more information about what someone is doing. You’ll also be able to send invites to join or spectate a game directly from Discord.

The search function includes a variety of tools and filters to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s on a small, friends-only server or a large community-wide server.

Quick Switcher

You can use the Quick Switcher tool to navigate between channels, direct messages, and servers quickly.

Streamer Mode

Streamer mode provides a quick and easy-to-access menu for hiding sensitive or personal information while streaming to your fans. We reasoned that having hundreds of unexpected users join your friend-only server because your instant invite to the server flashed up on the screen wasn’t ideal.

Games Overlay

The in-game overlay is completely ready for you, and it’s time to integrate your voice and text chat into your game for maximum effort, focus, and no distractions from proclaiming your online gaming supremacy. Because the overlay is a pretty cool and entertaining piece of technology, there are a few key points to cover.

Discord Bots

There are a large number of discord bots available to use. Each bot has a special function and capability. We are describing some useful bots here as follows:

  • Arcane Bot
  • Octave Bot
  • Mudae Bot
  • Trivia Bot
  • Typical Bot
  • Dank Memer Bot
  • Dyno Bot
  • GAwesome Bot
  • PokeMeow Bot
  • Tatsumaki Bot
  • YAGPDB Bot
  • FreeStuff Bot
  • Translator Bot
  • Rythm Bot
  • Dungeons Bot
  • Sesh Bot
  • Fredboat Bot
  • EPIC RPG Bot
  • Karuta Bot
  • Miki bot
  • TacoShack Bot
  • GameStats Bot

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